How to download key
(new version manager)

Down below we present you the instruction how to download the game and how to get the key, which is necessary in the later phase of installation.

  • 1. Unpack the file with our installer and launch .exe file.
  • 2. Click Download button and follow instructions of the installer.
  • 3. After the game is fully downloaded, the installer will automatically begin the installation process.
  • 4. The installer will ask us for the key to continue the installation.
  • 5. Click the Download key button. On the screen there will be the page from where you can download your key in .txt file.
  • 6. On the page from where we downloaded the key, we click Download Now, then we will see the window, where we need to fulfil one questionnaire.
  • 7. After the correct fulfilling, we can download the key, which we copy to our installer.
  • 8. After confirmation of the key, the installer will begin the process of installation automatically.